Sunday, June 12, 2005

for your consideration

in case you were wondering who to vote for?

first of all, click on the link above to see the new variety ad for "riding the bus with my sister". then notice the quote from the new york times. ". . .shouts 'first class production' and 'emmy bid'." now, am i crazy or does that sound like a bad review? sure enough, here are some other quotes they could have pulled from the same review.

"This underhanded movie makes Ms. O'Donnell into an appalling cartoon only to pretend innocence -- or, no, moral superiority -- when the viewer is appalled."

"The viewer, meanwhile, is sure to cringe -- and often. This is another inexplicable effort by an actor to overplay a slow, strange character and teach everybody lessons."

why in the world would they pull a quote from this review? a quote that so thinly disguises the real tone of the review that anyone more intelligent than rosie's character would get it right away. god only knows. anyway, best of luck with getting that nomination rosie.


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