Friday, April 21, 2006

"Christmas Then the New Year" Music Video

Music Video for Keegan DeWitt by Chad Hartigan.

Sara Ellis and Emily Card were going to Santa Monica to hang out one afternoon about a year ago and they let me tag along with a video camera. I shot a bunch of footage thinking I might cut it together to this piece of music by Keegan DeWitt, but I ran out of battery before I got enough and kind of forgot about it. Then maybe ten months later Keegan and Sean McElwee and I went to downtown L.A. and Santa Monica ourselves, just messing around with the camera getting shots of whatever and when we watched it that night I realized how similar it was to the stuff I had shot with Sara and Emily ten months earlier. So I cut it together and that's the video. Not planned at all.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Shift" Music Video

Music Video for Keegan DeWitt by Sean McElwee & Chad Hartigan

Sean McElwee shot this footage of Keegan down by LAX and I cut it together one night to this old instrumental b-side that Keegan had done. Just a wistful look at L.A. in all it's night time glory.