Saturday, April 30, 2005

summer movie preview 2005

so i usually like to put together a list of my 10 most anticipated movies of the summer and now that i have this blog i got extra excited to do it. doing it though was a pain, as i realized there are hardly 10 movies i want to see this summer at all. i used to want to see everything in the summer. have the movies gotten much worse or my taste much snobbier? probably both. anyway, some of these are flying in on the talent involved alone. i have only seen previews for 2 of them and so my opinions are mainly based on what the people involved have done in the past. so here we go. my 10 most anticipated movies of summer 2005.

10. LAYER CAKE (May 13)
directed by matthew vaughn
this appears like it could be a good british crime caper. and it got matthew vaughn a job directing x3 so he must have done some things right.

9. THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN (Aug 19 )
directed by judd apatow
this movie may be terrible. in fact, most likely it will be. but if it's anything like "anchorman" it will be hilarious and worthy of it's spot here. what it has going for it are steve carrell (the funniest part of "anchorman") and director judd apatow of "freaks and geeks" fame.

directed by christopher nolan
this movie has an amazing cast and a more than competant director and is working with a story already proven to be big screen worthy. so the reason it's so low on the list is that i saw the trailer and it sucked. reminded me of "star wars: the phantom menace" more than anything and that ain't good. the look, the delivery of lines, etc. all seem underwhelming. i'm still hopeful though. what the hell is going on in this picture anyway? is neeson on fire? i imagine him lighting a cigarette mid-conversation and accidentally setting his clothes on fire, wailing around for a while, finally stop-drop-and-rolling and then getting back up to face bale and saying "where were we?"

7. THE ISLAND (Jul 22)
directed by michael bay
michael bay gets a bad rap and for good reason. his movies almost always suck. but, they are still kind of fun. i don't know anything about this movie other than the picture above.

directed by gregg araki
i'm pretty sure this movie won't be good, but there is a chance i might be in it, so i will definitely see it. look for me as the date in the movie within the movie "blood prom 2"

5. CRASH (May 6)
directed by paul haggis
a couple people i know have seen this already and say it's really good. plus it's got ludacris, so i'm in.

4. 2046 (Aug 5)
directed by wong kar wai
i like what little wong kar wai movies i've seen and this one had great buzz from cannes, so i'll see it.

3. LAST DAYS (Jul 22)
directed by gus van sant
i couldn't love van sant's double whammy of "elephant" and "gerry" more and it immediately raised him to the ranks of one of my favorite current directors. i'm not too interested in a kurt cobain-ish story, but i'll give him the benefit of the doubt here.

directed by jim jarmusch
i'm new to the jim jarmusch fan club but this teaming with bill murray seems like a fantastic pairing.

directed by steven spielberg
the only movie i truly can't wait to see. i hope it fills me with as much glee as "jurassic park" did when i saw it in the theaters 12 years ago.

you'll probably notice the omission of star wars, charlie and the chocolate factory and lots of other "big" movies that don't look appealing at all. charlie and the chocolate factory maybe, in the way you're interested in seeing a train wreck. this list has made me more depressed than anything. luckily there is an amazing fall headed our way that i am more excited to write a preview about than i am to see most of the movies listed above.

new kids bike

check this thing out. it's a new bike called SHIFT and it's for kids learning how to ride. it starts off like you see there with three wheels kind of like a tricycle, but the faster you peddle the wheels shift together to be like a normal 2 wheel bike. then when you slow down it goes back to the tricycle formation. this is a fucking genius invention.


Friday, April 29, 2005


i don't really want my blog to be the kind of blog that has lots of links to funny videos. it feels a little too college frat guy-ish. however, the fact remains that this video is hilarious and i couldn't not post it. i saw it a couple years ago and looked it up specifically to post. chances are if you look at my blog, you've already seen it, but watch it again. and again.

convenience store

School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon

A call about a possible weapon at a middle school prompted police to put armed officers on rooftops, close nearby streets and lock down the school. All over a giant burrito.

Someone called authorities Thursday after seeing a boy carrying something long and wrapped into Marshall Junior High.

The drama ended two hours later when the suspicious item was identified as a 30-inch burrito filled with steak, guacamole, lettuce, salsa and jalapenos and wrapped inside tin foil and a white T-shirt.

"I didn't know whether to laugh or cry," school Principal Diana Russell said.

State police, Clovis police and the Curry County Sheriff's Department arrived at the school shortly after 8:30 a.m. They searched the premises and determined there was no immediate danger.

In the meantime, more than 30 parents, alerted by a radio report, descended on the school. Visibly shaken, they gathered around in a semi-circle, straining their necks, awaiting news.

"There needs to be security before the kids walk through the door," said Heather Black, whose son attends the school.

After the lockdown was lifted but before the burrito was identified as the culprit, parents pulled 75 students out of school, Russell said.

Russell said the mystery was solved after she brought everyone in the school together in the auditorium to explain what was going on.

"The kid was sitting there as I'm describing this (report of a student with a suspicious package) and he's thinking, 'Oh, my gosh, they're talking about my burrito.'"

Afterward, eighth-grader Michael Morrissey approached her.

"He said, 'I think I'm the person they saw,'" Russell said.

The burrito was part of Morrissey's extra-credit assignment to create commercial advertising for a product.

"We had to make up a product and it could have been anything. I made up a restaurant that specialized in oddly large burritos," Morrissey said.

After students heard the description of what police were looking for, he and his friends began to make the connection. He then took the burrito to the office.

"The police saw it and everyone just started laughing. It was a laughter of relief," Morrissey said.

"Oh, and I have a new nickname now. It's Burrito Boy."

box office derby

way back on september 2, 2004, my old roommates and i began playing a game we liked to call box office derby. simply enough, each of us had to predict what we thought the top 10 movies at the box office would be for the weekend, along with how much money each would gross. the deadline to submit was each friday and the results were released on monday. whoever was off by the lowest amount wins the weekend.

the first weekend was a doozy, with four new releases hitting screens (paparazzi, wicker park, the cookout and vanity fair) and i was the eventual winner coming up with a total of 16 million off (or an average of 1.6 million per movie). we've been playing ever since in private, but now the forum is changing and the stakes are being raised. we are moving the weekly contest to the blog here and letting the public spectate.

every friday, i will post everybody's predicted top 10 and every monday i will post the results. feel free to laugh at who places last and post condescending comments like "of course blankety blank was going to make x amount. how could you guys have been so stupid!" and if it catches on, we will start accepting new players to the game.

so, we probably couldn't have picked a better weekend to start on the blog. two supposed heavy hitters opening up and either one could be huge or tank. this one could be a bloodbath. let's meet the players.

aaron katz- currently stands in 3rd place on averages. he consistantly "goes out on a limb" and usually finds himself the butt of our box office jokes. but sometimes he gets it right and has won the weekend a total of 8 times. here are his predictions

1. XXX: State of the Union 41.6
2. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 28.7
3. The Interpreter 13.5
4. The Amityville Horror 7.0
5. Sahara 5.4
6. A Lot Like Love 4.8
7. Kung Fu Hustle 4.3
8. Fever Pitch 3.6
9. Robots 2.3
10. Guess Who 2.2

brendan mcfadden- brendan brings up the rear. in fact, he has been dead last since week 1, occasionally breathing down katz's neck, but he has yet to climb above him in the averages. he has won 7 times so far.

1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 38.9
2. XXX: State of the Union 30.7
3. The Interpreter 14.7
4. The Amityville Horror 7.9
5. Sahara 5.7
6. Kung Fu Hustle 4.9
7. A Lot Like Love 4.7
8. Fever Pitch 3.1
9. Robots 2.3
10. Guess Who 2.0

chad hartigan- me. the curator. currently leading the pack on averages and known for all around handsome predicting. i've won 9 times.

1. XXX: State of the Union 32.1
2. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 24.7
3. The Interpreter 15.5
4. The Amityville Horror 6.2
5. Sahara 5.2
6. Kung Fu Hustle 4.1
7. A Lot Like Love 4.0
8. Fever Pitch 3.3
9. Guess Who 2.3
10. Robots 2.2

marc ripper- accused by katz of playing dirty (with no apparent reason), marc is 2nd on averages but has won the most weeks with 10. he is a consistant player, with his eyes on the top spot.

1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 27.4
2. XXX: State of the Union 24.7
3. The Interpreter 14.5
4. The Amityville Horror 7.9
5. Sahara 5.8
6. A Lot Like Love 4.5
7. Kung Fu Hustle 4.3
8. Fever Pitch 3.4
9. Robots 2.4
10. Sin City 2.0

so go ahead and place your bets. find your pick and root for him. then be sure to check back monday and see how brings home the prize.

twin cinema - the new pornographers

you ain't no picasso reported that these guys have their new single available for download at their official site. if you haven't heard of the new pornographers, they are a fantastic band to listen to, driving on the highway on a sunny day. download the new track below.

twin cinema

and if you want a taste of the last album. . .

the laws have changed

Thursday, April 28, 2005

illinois - sufjan stevens

apparently, the new sufjan stevens has leaked onto the net. if you are interested in taking a peek, there is a link below. it's kind of a complicated download, but i have faith that you can figure it out if you really want.

link to a link to a link of the download

speed of sound - coldplay

the single debuted at #8 on the billboard top 100 this week. only the second group from the UK to have a song debut in the top 10. the first? the beatles.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

all the stage is a world

despite being a professional blogger and working full time for this cbs show, somehow i still try and find time to pursue my own projects. one such project is a feature length documentary that i made called "all the stage is a world". it's about high school theater kids and what they go through putting a play together for a local competition. for lack of a better analogy, think "waiting for guffman" meets "spellbound". the spelling bee documentary, not the hitchcock thriller.

anyway, it was shot a while ago, took me ages to edit and now it's done. where it's headed from here is uncertain, but most likely you will be able to buy the dvd from the official site very soon.

for now, you can watch the trailer here

and read a review from film threat magazine here

also, the movie has a fantastic soundtrack courtesy of keegan dewitt. check out some sample tracks and go here to download an order form to buy a copy for yourself. go on, you deserve it.

keegan dewitt - christmas light
keegan dewitt - resolution

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Wow. Click the link below and listen to this 911 call. It's amazing. It's not gruesome or scary or ugly or anything like that. You just gotta hear it.

cops aren't funny

Then you can check out the article on it here

maybe they're a little funny

billboard r.i.p.

i'm not totally sure how i feel about this album yet, but "the best little secrets are kept" by louis xiv fell out of the top 200 before i could decide. it had sold 24,000 copies.

i hate the video for their single so check out the video for their song "the hunt" from their self-titled self-released lp from 2003.

the hunt video

riding the bus with my sister

i saw this in entertainment weekly and my friend joseph made me realize just how stunning it is. rosie o'donnell has successfully given the first bad performance i have ever seen on a poster. as joseph said, "she should get a razzie just for the poster".

look at it. it's amazing. here, make it bigger so you can truly see how terrible this is. anjelica huston apparently directed it. this could quite possibly be, the worst thing that ever hit the big or small screen in years.

p.s. click below for a drawing of the real life person she plays. makes it even funnier.
casting genius

dear karrie

my naive and wide-eyed friend karrie crouse has a lot of questions. her fascination with the world we live in and the tough decisions we are faced with every day, is nothing short of adorable. unfortunately, she has a lot to learn. and that's where i come in, in a little feature i call "dear karrie". every so often, i'll get an e-mail from karrie with a particular question and i've decided to post them on here, along with my answer. so here we go;


I am utterly disgusted by the sound of a creature with an exo-skeleton (IE a Crab) walking along?

dear karrie,

in the future, please proofread all e-mails to confirm that they contain an actual real question. typing out sentences on a whim and topping them with a frivolous question mark is the height of nonsense. quite frankly, i am far too busy blogging to entertain such mistakes. thank you.

p.s. please make your next question be about filthy sex.

Monday, April 25, 2005

aaron katz

for embarassing footage of this guy dancing, click below

the tie dance

poor poor caroline marcil

who the hell is caroline marcil you say? apparently she is a canadian singer and she was invited to sing the canadian and american national anthems at a hockey game last friday. maybe i'm an asshole but i find this story hilarious.

apparently, she comes out and starts with the us anthem. she gets out "oh say can you see" then forgets the words. she says "sorry" and asks to start over. she starts over and gets to "by the dawn's early light" and forgets the words again. the crowd boos and she runs to the dressing room. she comes back after a few minutes with a piece of paper containing the words. but before she can start again she falls on the ice and can't get up. the crowd is booing and laughing and she finally runs away never singing either song.

amazing. if anyone knows where a video of this exists, i'd like to see it.

UPDATE: that was easier than i thought. watch the video

late night with conan o'brien - seinfeld auditions

three years ago, my roommates and i found this video and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. i just watched it again, and man it still holds up. maybe you have to be a seinfeld fan to like it, but see for yourself.

what's the deal with corn nuts?

Sunday, April 24, 2005

movie review - the game of their lives

if there's two things i like in this world, it's soccer and "rudy". so when i heard the director of "rudy" was making a soccer movie, i was very interested. by the time the movie came out though, i knew it was going to be bad. the early reviews were awful, the trailer was bad, the release date had been pushed back and back, and it was only being released in a handful of theaters. but i went to it anyway.

first off the trailers

rebound- couldn't have been less funny and more awful if it tried. on my excited to see scale it gets a 1 out of 10

howl's moving castle- i respect hayao miyazaki, but i just can't get into his stories. and this one looks no different. excitement- 3

now on to the game of their lives. it's awful. starting with quite possibly the worst five minutes in movie history, it shows a montage of players exercising at the 2004 mls all-star game to that song that starts with "ya'll ready for this! da da da dum dum da dum dum dum dum. . ." it would have been timely and cool in 93, but not now. then some guy comes up to patrick stewart and delivers the most painfully obvious set up lines imaginable. example.

guy: you were the only american reporter at the 1950 world cup right?

stewart: i would have gone even if i didn't have a business reason.

guy: is it true that nobody thought the americans had a chance?

stewart: you really want me to tell you the whole story?

guy: yeah.

stewart: well, where do i start?

slow dolly in to stewart, music starts, crossfade, title card 1950

it improves from there, but only slightly. all the dialogue is awful, the characters are all cardboard, the actors are all boring, and the soccer action lacks excitement or continuity. all the while there is hallmark card-esque narration from patrick stewart, trying to do a southern accent. even though his character is telling the story, he is rarely seen in the flashback scenes and never does anything important. gavin rossdale is in it, and looks pretty yummy, but delivers his one speech pretty terribly. there is very little i can say that's good about it. maybe nothing.

there is one other aspect worth mentioning. there is one black character in the movie and every time he comes on screen, the score shifts from jerry goldsmith-style uplifting orchestration to bongo drums and african-styled music plays. it was kind of offensive.

game of their lives- d+

the words of chris bridges

chris bridges, also known as "ludacris", may be one of our modern day master poets. his use of metaphors are striking, his over-emphasized delivery becoming as powerful as the very words he has written. in celebration of his literary prowess, i have started a weekly series "the words of chris bridges". every sunday, we will feature a quote by the man for your pleasure. so, without further ado-

"from your car to your crap game no one rolls with you
one of mini-me's shoes got more soul than you"

-from "hip hop quotables"

ouch luda.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


first off, i feel like it's becoming increasingly "uncool" to like coldplay. maybe it was the incessant exposure of "clocks". maybe it was gwyenth and apple. or maybe it was just their indie cred clock was up, but that's the way it seems. i personally, am a big fan of the new single and even though it sounds like "clocks" and other coldplay songs, i don't care. they didn't have to change the world with the album, and who knows what else lurks on the other tracks? if they never progress from the sound they have now, they'll still be better than 90% of current bands anyway. if you ask me.

the real news though is that today at work, i had to drop off an audio cd at the sony pictures lot. it was an average daily run, until the place i usually parked was full. so i drove around a bit looking for another parking spot and got a bit lost. finally, i parked and started walking aimlessly trying to find the sound building. before taking five steps i saw someone sitting on the steps to an elevated trailer drinking a water, and i knew exactly what my good fortune had brought me. it was will champion, the drummer for coldplay, and i had stumbled onto the set of their video. realizing this was a golden opportunity, i wandered around. anytime someone asked me what i was doing or needed i came up with a new excuse. "i'm looking for the sound building" or "is there any water i can have". it worked long enough to pass will and guy (the bassist) and tell them that i loved the new single. i passed chris martin twice within talking distance, but both times he was followed by an mtv making the video-type camera guy and i had no chance to break in. i was tempted to say something anyway, but i had to settle for walking past him twice and making eye contact. never saw jonny or gwyneth or apple if you're wondering, but what i got was more than enough. the oft joked "hartigan luck" came through again and i got up close to my absolute favorite band.

download "the speed of sound". it's great.

concert review - jesca hoop & the ditty bops

here's the story. two months or so ago, my friend valerie told me about some girl she heard on kcrw named jessica hoop. she said i should look her up and i did, but according to the internet she didn't exist, let alone have any music on the radio. eventually, we found out she spelled her name the way she does and i was able to find a 30 second clip of her songs on her website. i liked it, but without access to the whole thing, i forgot about it. then, a couple of days ago i saw her name again somewhere and tried to give it another shot. i scowered the internet, eventually just buying her song "silverscreen" from the itunes store. i sent it to my buddy marc knowing it was up his alley and sure enough, by the next day he knew more information about jesca hoop than i did. and last night when i came home from work at 9pm, he IMed me a list of her upcoming performances. one of which started forty five minutes later. it was at the hotel cafe, which my roommate brendan and i had been to before, so we hopped in the car and went. spur of the moment adventure kind of thing.

we get there a little late. she hadn't started yet, but the hotel cafe basically can fit less than a hundred people so we were standing behind a few rows of people and our view was obstructed by abnormally tall people. that was the only negative to the show though. it turned out to be her birthday, so the set begin with "happy birthday" and then she sang a really nice a capella song to get things rolling. it was her, two back up singers, a bass player and a percussionist. i'm not familiar with her enough to know song titles, but one highlight was a track that featured handclaps and a swift tempo change between chorus and verses. a couple songs in, it was revealed that the back up singers were actually the group the ditty bops, which i had just recently found out about (again from valerie) and downloaded. the three performed an a capella version of the song "fixit men" which was another highlight that made me think of a 21st century andrew sisters. it helped that the three wore matching white blouses, black skirts, and black ties as well. at the end everyone sang "happy birthday" again and there was cake. the show was good, making me a bigger fan of both artists, and i hope you'll check them out too.

here's a download from the sxsw site, which jesca hoop played this year.

jesca hoop - silver screen demos

jesca hoop official site

and here's a link to hear some of the ditty bops

ditty bops music

after the show, brendan and i went to the beauty bar where not two minutes into our stay, he was randomly grabbed by a girl and kissed. the look on his face was priceless and there was no interaction between the two afterwards, but it made me wonder what would happen if i had the same gall that this girl had. if i were to randomly grab a girl and kiss her, i think i would get slapped. some sort of consequences would be had. but this girl got away with doing it to brendan scott free. anyway we ended the night with some delicious fucking hot dogs wrapped in bacon being sold by a vendor outside the bar. they were amazing. only drawback was having to wake up three and a half hours later to go to work.

concert- b+
hot dogs- a+

Friday, April 22, 2005


california is all about some mexican grills. well here it is straight. fuck baja fresh. fuck chipotle. fuck that mom and pop shop. there's only one place you need to know and that's qdoba. now, i should point out that whenever i go to a mexican grill i get the nachos, so this is purely based on nacho to nacho comparisons. if burritos are your deal, then whatever, do what you want. but if you want some unbelievable fucking nachos, click on the link below and find the store nearest you.

nacho average mexican grill. yeah you like that pun?

and here's a bonus

a picture of four losers (i'm back seat driver side) on their way to eating said delicious nachos.

apparently, to like qdoba, you have to be tall, gangly white kids with glasses.

now that's what somebody calls music vol. 17

somehow the 17th volume of the now series managed to cruise past the 3,000,000 sales mark last week. as my friend aaron would say "who is buying these? you can download them in less than 5 minutes, or just turn on the radio". indeed. who is buying these? 3 million people apparently, which is the most for any now compilation since i started tracking (back at vol. 12). personally, i think this is the worst one of all as well, but what do i know. anyway, congratulations now 17.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

billboard r.i.p.

the segment where i pay tribute to albums that drop out of the billboard top 200. possibly forever, or possibly until you go out and buy them (or in some cases, me as well) and get them back in.

sum 41. i like them, so sue me. exit the charts after selling 335,000 copies. a far cry from the 'all killer no filler' days.

sum 41- we're all to blame

next up is snow patrol. one of my favorite albums of 2004. and this track below currently stands as my number one most played on itunes. 326,000 copies sold.

snow patrol - chocolate

interpol's album has been coming and going from the bottom rung of the top 200 for the last few weeks. is this finally goodbye for real? it's sold 303,000 copies so far.

interpol - evil

finally we have the decemberists. didn't quite have the retail power as the other three. still a good album. exits the chart after selling 18,000 copies. maybe the awful video below has something to do with it.

the decemberists - sixteen military wives video

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

trigger happy tv

if you don't think this is funny, then maybe we shouldn't be friends.

internet cafe

pesky rat

michael a. smith - douchebag or genius?

this guy, a kansas city resident and vietnam veteran, heard jane fonda was doing a local book signing. so, he buys a book, waits in a line of 900, hands over the book for her to sign, then promptly spits tobacco juice in her face. then he runs away. he was caught right away and arrested. there's a link to the full story below. it's pretty hilarious. my favorite part being this

"He said he normally does not chew tobacco but did so Tuesday solely to spit juice on the actress."

read all about it here

the massacre - 50 cent

congratulations to 50 cent for passing the 3,000,000 sales mark after 7 weeks. man that is one rich mother fucker.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

pope benedict xvi

if this guy doesn't look like a villian in some straight to video pope thriller, then i'm captain crunch. joseph ratzinger was elected pope today and based on these descriptions-

"a hard-line guardian of conservative doctrine"

"Ratzinger served John Paul II since 1981 as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In that position, he has disciplined church dissidents and upheld church policy against attempts by liberals for reforms."

he wouldn't have been my choice. i was hoping for one of the latin american cardinals, but i'm not catholic so i don't really care.

hey, what if john ratzenberger was pope. now that would be something.

Monday, April 18, 2005

lilli carre

my friend sara ellis introduced me to lilli carre. sara works at a comic book store in santa monica and they have a couple of her comics. apparently, she is a student at the art institute of chicago and she has published a number of comics independently. they are hard to find, but really cheap and really genius. below, i've attached some links to some info on lilli, a sample of her work, and how you can buy her comic "welcome" which i highly, highly recommend.

artist info

death of a woodswoman" sample

buy "welcome" and you won't regret it

Sunday, April 17, 2005

billboard r.i.p.

the billboard chart is full of idiosyncracies. you would think it could be straight forward. the biggest 200 sellers of the week make up the top 200. wrong. they have a rule that once an album is over two years old, it is considered a "catalogue" title and is ineligble for the main chart anymore. it is instead relegated to the "pop catalogue" chart forevermore. regardless of whether or not it sells enough to be number 101 or 199, it is not in the top 200. there is one addendum to the rule. if you are in the top 100, you can stay there for as long as you want. forever even. if you sell enough copies to be ranked number 99 for five years in a row, then thats fine. but if you pass your two years and slip down to number 101, you go straight to the pop catalogue chart. and even if the next week you sell enough to be back at 99, too bad, you are out for good. so, that's that. more complicated than i thought and you cared to read i imagine.

which brings me to the postal service. released on february 18, 2003, the album was slow to build steam. it didn't debut on the chart until about ten weeks into its run and it came and went for the next two years. it never peaked above 114, but it managed to sell 513,000 copies before being booted to the pop catalogue chart this week. so unlike other billboard shout out bands that exit the chart and sell less than 4,000 copies a week forever after, we know that the postal service went out on top, still selling enough to keep it in the big leagues if it wasn't for beaurocracy. certified gold and still going, an amazing achievement for this little album. i'm sure you already have it, but here's my favorite track.

the postal service - recycled air

Saturday, April 16, 2005

break it up - carl lewis

1987. carl lewis is a us olympic sensation. fastest man in the world. gold medal central. wheaties box cover boy. so naturally, he thought it wise to cut an album. he even made himself a video that has been unearthed by none other than, carl lewis himself. that's right, this is on his official website for all to see. check out the amazing video for carl lewis' first and last single.


travel maps

i was browsing other people's blogs when i came across this neat site. you fill out a form with the countries you've been to and it shows you a map. you can also do it by region, or us states, etc. if you like filling out forms and charts as much as i do, then you'll have a blast.

here's my world map

create your own visited country map

and here's europe

create your personalized map of europe

and finally, you can take a short quiz to find out what type of traveller you are. mine seems pretty astute.

Your travel type: Travel Yup

The Travel Yup likes exotic and adventurous travel, but prefers big cities with fast paced life. He has a keen interest in other cultures and always brings home a few souvenirs.

Shopping in Bangkok, getting a tailor made suite in Kuala Lumpur, that's the kind of thing the Travel Yup is into. Even though he likes to get away, he prefers his travels to be comfortable.

top destinations:

New York

stay away from:

Ciudad Perdida
Darien Gap
get your own travel profile