Wednesday, June 15, 2005


last week i was listening to jonesy's jukebox on indie 103.1 and jonesy was doing the thing where he plays guitar and whistles and if you can call and tell him what he's playing, you win something. for the first time ever, i knew what he was playing so i called and got through and won the prize. he was playing "behind blue eyes" by the who and the prize was two tickets to see the doves. which i did, last night.

the show was at the wiltern and the opening act was longwave. i had one song of theirs on my itunes that i liked but that was as familiar as i was with them. they played a 40 minute set that was pretty good. i didn't get into it 100% but i did like a fair number of the tracks. i don't know if it's all the time, but this night the singer didn't seem up to snuff. his voice felt strained and not very memorable. but, i'm being harsh. the band played well and are a lot better than tons of bands more popular than them.

after 30 minutes of down time the doves came out. i'm a huge doves fan, having purchased all three of their cd's, but i have felt that their albums are getting less and less interesting as they go. that's not to say less quality, but they seem to be experimenting much less and just doing straight rocking anthems now. their concert was another reflection of this. brendan is much less familiar with them as i am and he felt that all the songs blended together and sounded the same and i could see where he was coming from, but i still thought it was a fantastic show. the doves' sound is the epitome of the type of music that reaches new heights when heard live. anyway, all in all i'm really glad i went and have a new appreciation for the band. i just wish they'd try some more funky shit like "a house", "m62 song" and "friday's dust". and would it have killed them to play "catch the sun"?

the set list (based on memory so cut me some slack)

sea song
almost forgot myself
sky stars falling
caught by the river
one of these days
last broadcast
black and white town
the cedar room


here it comes
there goes the fear


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amazing. now all we need is the batman begins review and we're sorted.

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